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Voodoo in violet | HAED #1

Hello Peeps! As you know, I have been spending this past week stitching away on Voodoo
- To be honest, it was more of making a start and tackling the first of many pages! -
and I have been having a great time slowly (very slowly) seeing it starting to appear on my fabric.

Started on the 14/09/2017 Using DMC magic guide fabric 25 count, white evenweave Stitching 1 over 1, full crosses with DMC
Design size is 400 stitches wide by 557 stitches high
88 colours
Finished design should be measuring
16 inches wide by 22-1/4 inches high
Started on the first page at the top left corner

Trying to zoom a little...

I know it doesn't look like anything at the moment,
but I can honestly say that I am hooked on HAED!!

I am proud of how much I've achieved in a week. There is plenty more to do, I am fully aware of it,
but I am simply having great fun and enjoying stitching one cross at a time!
I will be back soon with what is most likely to be another HAED start ;)

Toodles, Mii

Voodoo in violet | HAED

Hello Peeps! My stitching bug has made an appearance and finally came out of Summer hibernation with an extra zest of pro-activity Great news! I have now started a new project... an HAED! Voodoo in violet from Jasmine Becket-Griffith's artwork (Big thank you to Keebles for letting me discover the world of Strangeling) 

400 stitches wide by 557 stitches high
88 colours

Finished design should measure
16 inches wide by 22-1/4 inches high
 Worked on white 25 count magic guide evenweave fabric using DMC threads 1 over 1, full crosses. Started on 14/09/2017 Update / progress to follow after my first week of fun. Toodles, Mii

Needle Minder Exchange

Hello Peeps!

Time to show you the lovely makes that have been made & received
for the Needle Minder Exchange I have organised to keep us busy this summer

I believe it was a great success and that all participants had fun!
Here is the list of all the lovely ladies that took part:
Kaye and Lorynn


So this is what I've sent to Carrie

Summer Crazy | Fun in the Sun by Lizzie Kate
Stitched on 18 ct Rustico Aida fabric from Sewitall, 2 over 1
Using DMC threads 
Finished off as an ornament Simply fixed on a plate I got from my local Hobby Craft Thanks Andrea for the idea ;)
 Sadly, I forgot to take picture of the needle minder and the skeins of DMC
Here is picture from the website, this is a Zappy Dots  OoOoO And these are the cute goodies I have received from Karyn! - Minus the blue DMC skein, as it is now being used for a new project, but this is for another post! - Thank you sweetie! I love my needle minder and your little make wil…